Welcome to an Interoperability Wiki kick-off event

Benvenuta/o a dare il calcio d'inizio per una/un Wiki Interoperabilità

Hi! This is meant to start the English page of multilingual wiki "WikibilitY" aiming to .....

Ciao! Qui c'è da iniziare la pagina in Inglese del(la) Wiki multilinge "WikibilitY" che si propone di ....

Italian version of this page ....

La versione italiana di questa pagina è:

Topic to be addressed

Social Interoperability for Environmental Causes - as per action-taking-motivations progressively presented thru placeholder website and its stub interoperabilitY LOG posts.

Editorial event planning

Arrange Web-Territorial get together situations ... such as an upcoming deadline requiring social [web-territorial] interoperability to be described and understood; [in-progress bilingual] e.g.: VIRTUAL ALPINE HUT [or BASECAMP] CREATION & MANAGEMENT .. HOW & WHY as per

Latest activity

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